I see a few people looking for rat solutions,  ha ha me too.

My PC died before Christmas, so have been offline for a while. 

OK I can tell you bunnings keep running out of traps.  If you do get traps get the plastic ones, they are dearer, but the wooden ones fall apart.

I actually made cages for some traps so only rats could get in.  So no dogs, cats, birds got trapped.

If you find their holes stuff a rag in there with diesel on it, they really hate the stuff.  We tried boiling water but the diesel works best.

We also bought packets of DEB mashed potato.  You leave the packets with a corner cut off and the other important component is a water bowl with water in it.  It works pretty well, what happens is!  The rats fill themselves full of Deb and have a drink.  The deb swells up inside the rat and they die. apparently rats don't have a "gag" reflex and they can't throw up.  So its death by potato.  (I think they know that one now and leave it)!

You can also use equal parts flour, sugar and bicarb mixed up near water.  However we didn't have much success with that mix.

Rats are very weary of anything new, so leave the traps around for a few days unset, even put some bait on them.

When you do set the traps don't use peanut butter or cheese.  Use what the rats have been eating at your place.  With me it has been broccoli, tomato, eggplant, strawberries, silverbeet and so on.  I have given up growing out the back until the rats have gone.

It may help if you  use rubber gloves to bait and set the traps, also when you catch a rat hose the trap off and don't touch with your hands.

We hesitate to use poisons of any kind we have dogs, chooks and other birds so we have to be very careful. 

We have also toyed with the idea of getting a Jack Russel or something similar.

There are a lot of rats around Logan at the moment, we have had a lot of bush cleared for industry.  Hope this help some of you.  If I find I can't win without poison I will have to resort to that.  Oh yes, they also like mangos, bananas, bok choi, pack choi, blue berries.  One of their favorites is chook and dog food so try not to leave any around. 

Maybe we can save all the rats and make "ratatouille", OR save all the ratshit and make ratshit screwdrivers. 

Hope this helps.  Any other ideas? I would like to hear them.

P.S. we also bought 2 electronic traps on Ebay, bit expensive but they seem to work OK>

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Comment by Gay McEwan on February 6, 2016 at 23:16

I tried a small cage trap and caught 4 smallish rats in one go! My big mistake was to keep a sturdy plastic bin in the shed containing a bag of sunflower seeds for giving to the chooks for an occasional treat. The rats chewed a huge hole in the lid and had a feast. Had to throw the rest of the bag away to try and deter them. That didn't work, I'm still trying to get rid of rats. They just keep coming. I killed a couple of massive ones with a one-off try with poison but not keen on this as a long-term strategy. My next option is going to be Pete's "death by potato".

Comment by Lyn Buffett on February 6, 2016 at 17:40

Have you tried cage traps Elke?

Comment by Elke on February 6, 2016 at 10:40

I understand.  I recently picked up some baits at the Logan City Council, but we have decided to get chooks so now I am loathe to use them - plus they smell really strongly of poison and any smart rat would be wary - they are so clever.  They activated a trap recently but only lost the tip of a paw - then ate the lure! So far traps are ineffective.  I've hurt my back recently and son Gavin has been busy working so our garden is not thriving with neglect, grasshoppers and fruit fly plus the heat - so we hope they are starving and go elsewhere.  We do have electronic sonic deterrents to stop them roosting under the house walls and roof and they seem to work, but were expensive.  

Comment by Colin Westwood on January 17, 2016 at 13:37

On my various farms, I added carpet snakes, rescued from peoples chook sheds and never saw a sign of a mouse or a rat ever again. However, pythons also love fresh chook, cats and even small dogs to snack on at times!

Comment by Lyn Buffett on January 4, 2016 at 14:02

Love the death by potato!


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