For those of you too busy to read this long but informative link, let me summarize:

The temperature and humidity levels at which humans are unable to survive are surprisingly low in relation to what's happening to our climate.

Trees have the capacity to lower top temperatures by 5C and are an absolute necessity in making urban environments livable both now and into the future.

This is just one reason why we must try to stop LCC from slashing and clearing unused public property. The default setting must be trees and bushes if we are to have any hope of a comfortable, survivable future.

Those most likely to suffer in the very near future here in SE Qld, will be those who end up in places such as Yarrabilba where the houses are sandwiched together with absolutely no garden space available.Not a tree to be seen! A satellite image also reveals that over 80% of house roofing is of dark coloured heat absorbing materials. If there's a power failure in summer heat, people, in my opinion, will die here first.

Civil disobedience is going to be the only tool remaining it would appear.

This is what I've had to do to keep veges and annuals alive in my garden. The containers all have drainage holes a few cm above the base to that there is ponding to create a wicking bed kind of situation. I don't know how anyone will cope without extensive tree cover around their house and gardens.

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