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Greetings. Been a while since I last appeared, but I'm still here although grounded like all of us so been busy around Logan and Brisbane.

Just discovered a very interesting book, available from Logan Library in digital form, called WEEDS: The Ultimate Gardener's Guide to Organic Weed Control. By Tim Marshall. While I recognise that not all of you are 'Organic' sustainable style gardeners, this book is for everyone, being chock full of fascinating facts and information about taking control of your environment with a minimum of effort.

Got to design and oversee the construction of a small Indigenous style garden at the C&K Kindy at the North Woodridge school and am happy with the results. S,o am now planning my next attack on the denuded environment elsewhere and on a larger scale. Please contact me if you are interested and available to join me in the next adventure.

Currently I have one native stingless OATH honey hive available for purchase if anybody is interested in learning how to keep and manage a hive. I have a number of empty OATH honey hive boxes also available for those of you who might want to clone their existing hives. $150. is the current price of one of these empty hive boxes.

Notice that our hotter and drier climate is making anything other than Permaculture style food forest style of food production increasingly close to impossible. Any thoughts on any of the above subjects are welcomed.

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Comment by Liz Woods on February 16, 2021 at 15:54

First time on this website after a long absence and I was pleased to see your post about the Library book on Weeds, Colin. I love weeds and am keen to learn more about their safe control. I also happily incorporate them into our dishes when I remember to. 


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