Time to fly away for winter. Bees, Crows and mice, car for sale and room for rent.

That time of year again when it's time to fly away for the winter, quite literally. Off to SE Asia again in May so busy getting my 'house in order' here.

There is currently one Native stingless bee hive available for purchase. Also I have recently posted my 'room for rent' onto flatmates.com.au because I'm looking to find a house-mate to share here. The single room at the back of the house is advertised for $130/ week which includes free power and water, so if anyone is interested please call ASAP as it'll go quickly.

The car is up for sale too, on Gumtree for $3700. and I can honestly say that in spite of its 90,000 km odometer reading for a 2000 model Kia Rio manual hatchback, it's never been driven to church on a Sunday, or any other day for that matter. Might sound a little exy, BUT it's converted to run on LPG ($2000. worth of gear) and has had a new timing belt/water pump kit and all leaky seals have been replaced and brakes etc in top form. Only ever been 2 owners and always garaged.

Some are not too fond of Crows but I love 'em. Been watching their antics for a long time now, but was confused about some of their behaviour when I started feeding them rehydrated dried cat food biscuits which they seem to enjoy. This, I placed on top of my compost bin to keep it high and safe from cats etc. However they took to putting the plastic feeding cup on the ground and I couldn't figure why till yesterday when feeding the same cat biscuits to my tadpoles in a small pond, I was watching them feed, when a mouse swam out into the pond to fetch a floating cat bit! Aha, the penny dropped as I now realized the crows had figured that if they put the food on the ground, the mice can be caught as they come to grab the food, meaning a good haul of very fresh organic meat for them instead of the processed rubbish I had on offer. So there you go, the Crows are good for rodent control!

Also now have an upgraded bio-char burner system here as I learned that an old car wheel rim makes an excellent top for the burner. Will demonstrate this on Saturday 18th if anyone is interested.

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Comment by Lyn Buffett on April 18, 2015 at 20:13

Yes crows are very smart.  They will go into a chook house and steal eggs.  Also I have send them soaking a dried up road-kill cane toad in a bird bath to re-hydrate it.  Oh and there is one around here that says "flower flower"  Really it does.  Do the crows around your home say flower?  I am convinced is is just one crow, because we don't here it all the time, but we always have crows around.

Comment by Kylie P on April 18, 2015 at 19:36

I will never say "stone the crowes" again.  I knew they were clever birds but after reading of your observations with the tadpoles and the mice.... I am amused and further impressed by their problem solving abilities.  :-)  Safe travels.

Comment by Pete Vicars on April 18, 2015 at 18:56

Yes Colin, crows are on my good list, they do so much good and they are very intelligent.  I remember a vid I saw a long time ago.  It was about crows in Brazil,  they perched on the power lines going over a crossroad with lights.  They would drop the nuts onto the road, and when the lights changed the cars ran over the nuts and cracked them open.  So as soon as the lights changed again they would drop down and pick up the nuts.  They even had a lookout  to give a call as the lights changed. 


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