Rain rain come down and come back again another day

Well it is great to have all this rain.  It is a bit of a shame about LEAF, but happy that my garden is wet for a change.  I had been really concerned that we had entered our dry season after has such a dry summer.  I thought we had missed our chance for soil wetting rain.  I am so happy that this rain is recharging the soil and filling my empty rainwater tanks.   I am also really happy that I have increased my water storage capacity by 3000 litres recently.

My new rainwater tank (approx 1000L) given to me by Wayne Bischof, is overflowing for the first time since I put it in many months ago.  I have directed the overflow into 5 blue drums (so another 1000L).  A friend gave me 2 IBCs a month or so back, so I moved one of these to the corner of the house and directed the downpipe into it (that is another 1000L).  Now I just need to find a spot for the other IBC and get it filled (that would mean another 1000L).

I also have many containers all around the place collecting rainwater so I can reduce the town water I need to use.  Rainwater is better for the garden anyway.

Hope none of you are flooding

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