Plant up now - put in a new lot of seeds every two weeks or so

I have a little bed just for seedlings. Everything except beans are struck in this bed. When stuff doesn't come up you haven't wasted good compost and ground waiting weeks for nothing. If a crop is ten weeks long and you grow it for 2.5 weeks in the seedling bed before you transplant then you have a crop in only 7-8 weeks before you harvest. With some greens you can be taking leaves after a few weeks even. Keep planting every couple of weeks as this weather gets cooler. Then you have a staggered harvest through May, June, July and August. I have one big lot of tomatoes that I plant together as I am going to cook them all for tomato sauce. 

Dont forget to plant far more seedlings than you need. Then you have plenty to give to many people who are just starting to learn about backyard gardens. 

Its great seeing people have a go but many really need the right knowledge.  I thought this web page would be pumping with people but.... I find it difficult on Facebook to find old info so then you have to tell people over and over what to do. 

Its not too hard to find fairly good info on here. 

Have fun

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