New GMO info, update on stingless bees and LOS

Hi from the south of Thailand where I once again potter about on long lazy days by the beach.

For those of you who'd like to get the latest dirt on GMOs here is a video that will give you the very latest from a whistle- blowing, ex insider. Very revealing stuff indeed?!

On the beez front, a small group of us have been working on the design and construction of a native stingless 'OATH' bee-hive box that can be 3D printed using recycled plastic and then combined with recycled corrugated cardboard infill to create a cheap, durable and effective hive. Some serious research and trials will need to be done b4 this can be declared a success or not. Stay tuned for further updates.

The other new thing (well for me anyway), is learning how to recycle the growing mountains of Lithium battery packs that have been discarded with dead laptop computers, power tools etc. With these, when tested and re-assembled, it is possible to construct 'power-wall' stand alone PV connected systems for a very low price. However, there are extensive man-hours involved in this rather complex process and it is not without some risk.

Of course, all this is on hold until later in the year when I return to Oz for a perhaps a relatively long term.

Happy sustainable gardening.

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Comment by Colin Westwood on January 18, 2016 at 17:02

Oh and BTW, here's a nice little story about bio-gas projects in the USof A

What a shame our pretty much useless bunch of politicians in Logan cannot get it together to do something with our sewer and tip waste! Too busy chasing Greyhound racing tracks and other vested interests perhaps?


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