My partner Anna and I have just bought a 5.25 acre farm in Stockleigh, having almost exhausted our garden space in our rented Graceville flat. I have been working in and around Brisbane as a permaculture consultant for over 5 years and will be able to continue doing design work in the area. My business is called All You Can Eat Gardens.

The farm has a large house and shed, small dam, a paddock and has been used as a market garden in the past. We have plans for developing the property including resurrecting the market garden, growing various fruit, adding more top bar bee hives, medium scale composting and worm farming, and raising animals. There's a great space for workshops and we'll be hosting a natural beekeeping workshop on the 5th of September (check my event).

We're looking forward to meeting fellow gardeners in Logan.

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Comment by Lyn Buffett on October 14, 2015 at 15:40

Yes Stockleigh is closer to the coast and cooler too

Comment by Gabriele Duffy on October 13, 2015 at 13:46

Thanks, sounds promising. Will include Stockleigh in my research. Cheers

Comment by Tim Auld on October 13, 2015 at 13:30

Hi Gabriele,

Thanks! If you search Facebook for 'Auld Farm' you will find our page, to which we regularly post photos.

The soil on our block is quite sandy. At the top of the hill it is a loamy sand with about 3% clay, and just off the top it's a sandy loam with about 7% clay. The pH of both is about 6.5. Will be doing more detailed testing shortly (chemistry & biology) before applying anything. The second spot was a market garden up until about 6 years ago and has apparently been improved with organic matter and the microbiology looks quite active. There is quite a lot of water available here (100kL+ of tanks, small dam and bore) to help compensate for the sandy soil. The existing citrus and mulberry trees are going gangbusters on neglect so I am not worried. We might have been lucky to find this one.

If you need some help evaluating a property let me know. My consulting rates are $50/hr + $30 per hour of travel from Stockleigh.


Comment by Gabriele Duffy on October 13, 2015 at 13:15
Hi Tim, this sounds fabulous. Do you have more photos of the property as it is now? My husband and I are looking to move to acreage, but are not sure what area to research. Some of the soil south of Greenbank is pretty rubbish. Wondering if Stockleigh has good soil? Looking forward to check out your garden some time in the future. Cheers


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