I would like to share with you the things I put in my bread mix to make the most awesome bread (and the reasons why).  It is not sour dough and it is not spelt, but it is awesome anyway.  I put all the ingredients in the breadmaker and put it on timer to be ready in the morning.  When I put it on timer it makes a much better loaf of bread.

2 c white flour (not organic as the organic I have bought from Woollies does not make a good bread)

1 c wholemeal flour

1 1/2 t salt (ground rock salt coz I dont what to eat aluminium which is what anticaking agent is made from)

1tbls glucose syrup (to reduce fructose)

1tbls honey - slightly lower fructose than table sugar

2 tbls coconut oil (handles high temps and I don't use rubbish vegetable oils anymore)

1 tsp kelp powder - iodine

1tbls ground brazil nuts - selenium

2 tbls pepitas/ sunflower seeds - zinc, antioxidants and vitamin E/ fatty acids, nutrients, minerals, antioxidants and vitamins

1tsp Chia seeds

2 tbls coconut milk powder or milk powder (about to try grinding my own coconut milk powder out of dried coconut due to the evils of milk powder - note even the coconut milk powder I buy has normal milk protein in it!!!)

water (I think it is 280 mls)

I do not use bread improver or bread mixes as they contain soy (unfermented soy is not healthy to eat).  Also I have learnt that 9 out of 10 loaves of bread sold in Australia have GM soy in them.  All the non GM soy grown in Australia is used in Soy milk.  The soy in bread is imported.  That means that the soy in bread mixes and bread improver are probably also GM soy.  The milk powder I currently use has soy lecithin in it (possibly GM), so that is another reason to replace the milk powder.  Soy is in almost everything we buy, so we can't avoid it completely, but the less we eat the better I think.

Do you make bread?  How do you make it?  What do you put in it?

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