Super happy with how my garden is going at the moment and the things I have been learning about growing food successfully.

I had a little win this morning when I looked up Google to find out what the nutrient deficiency was in the leaves of my brassicas in one part of my garden.  The younger leaves had white veins but green between the veins and some of the leaves were all white in the middle..  I am aware that this is called Chlorosis, however by using this key I was able to clearly work out that it was due to a sulphur deficiency.  who would have thunk it???  So I know that gypsum contains sulphur, so I guess I will add a bit of that and see how we go :)

My garden is very very abundant at the mo.  Everything is so green and lush.  Just loving it :) 

In my veg garden compound we cut down a troublesome lychee tree to free up a lovely big space for me to make more veg gardens :)  Happiness indeed.  I have a heap of sugarcane bales that I will use for creating the edge on the gardens.  It is on a slope, so the bales will act as the sides on the raised garden bed.  I know they won't last all that long, but I am keen to create a super fast garden super cheap.  To prevent nitrogen drawdown from the bales I have some tough but flexible plastic sheets I scored from the local landscape supply store (they have pavers delivered on them) that I will put on the inside of the bales before I fill up the garden bed.  I am going to install a couple of wicking reservoirs in the bottom of the new garden beds and put the garden in over the top.  I am super excited about all the extra vegies I can grow in winter in this sunny spot.  I am also very happy that I have heaps of home made compost to fill them with (from the stuff I make from delivered grass clippings).

I went to a workshop at Ian Burrows's place (spray-free avocado and lychee farmer on Mt Tamborine) I learnt a lot about using diatomaceous earth for pest control and for adding silica to the soil (for plant cell strength). YOu can put a spoonful in water and spray it on the leaves for pest control and it will be absorbed by the plant too.  Also had the benefits of calcium (from lime) reinforced (and reminded).   

Ian is a nutritech distributor, so I bought a few nutritech products to try them out.  I used them on the lettuce and tomato seedlings we sold at LEAF.  I was so impressed with how fast and healthy they grew.  They looked great for LEAF.  I am looking forward to seeing the results in my garden.  They are quite pricey in the home gardener sized packs, so I think it is so much better to buy the big bags then split it with others to share the cost and benefit.  

My compost from the grass that is being delivered by the lawnmower man is AMAZING!!!  These are the bins (if you haven't seen them already).  This is when they were empty. I have the lawn guy fill up a bin, then I let it sink down a bit.  I use a pole through the side to leaver the grass to break it up and let air in.  Then I put the chooks in to scratch it up and poo in it.  I am also adding lime and the lovely nutrient rich effluent from my biodigester.  It makes the most beautiful compost you have ever seen and sooo quickly too.  I just use it like potting mix, put it around my plants or top up garden beds.

My red pawpaw are all absolutely covered in huge fruit.  It is so difficult waiting for them to ripen.  It is torture I can tell you!!!  On the plus side my custard apple has an abundant crop and we are enjoying them very much.  

We also have an abundance of chickens at the moment.  I have 2 batches of x-school raised chicks, so my kids are loving being able to pick up and cuddle the babies and watch them grow.  As they get older feeding time becomes a bit intense with 12 young chooks all trying to get to the food before it reaches their dish.   We also had a stray chook given to us after it wandered into a friends yard.  She is probably 4-5 months old so isn't laying yet.  The older chicks picked on her so I put her in with the little ones.  They are getting along well and I saw them all cuddled up together last night :)   I am so amazed how much they eat!!!  

I have too many lemons, limes and white choko.  I am happy to trade just about anything for them :) please.

I would really love a bit of help in the garden, so if you are interested in coming and gardening with me for a one-off or on a regular basis I WOULD LOVE THAT!!!!!  I am happy to trade knowledge, produce or a bag or 2 of compost :)  There is likely to be some manual work involved, such as pruning, weeding or moving compost.  

If there is someone out there who loves to cut down trees and has their own chainsaw I would be over the moon!!

It is not all heavy or hard work though.  Lots of fun stuff like planting and harvesting too :)  

Looking forward to what comes next in my garden.

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