Good advice to be found in this permaculture rave.

Been home alone now since mid March and unlike many, really loving it! With no distractions, or the annoying little bad habits of a partner/housemate/relative to endure, it's been down to business here.

Have built 10 new stingless OATH bee hives and cloned 2 hives, and, extracted 850 g of fabulous honey from one hive box.

Been practising my grafting techniques using Thai eggplant rootstocks to graft tomatoes and pepinos onto. Getting better at it with each attempt!

Uncharacteristically peaceful and quiet around here mostly and the sky is clearer and bluer than I can remember since childhood. The mindless pursuit of entertainment and material pleasure has been curtailed for most of us, but it reminds me of a more simple time, when as a child, we had no car, no phone (or even TVs till I was 4 years old). My family had to rely on 2 pushbikes or walking until I was 13 years old.

Other good news is that the massive waste of ratepayer money at the expense of the environment and people in the business of providing entertainment for the 'masses' without the use of taxpayer funds, the 'Eats n Beats' $32,000 + per episode extravaganza has come to a halt. Now if they'd only stop logging what little that remains of Australia's forestry reserves to produce that self serving waste of resources 'Our' Logan magazine, Logan council can begin to cut ratepayers costs and prepare for the inevitable economic crash that is now upon us all.

By the way, if anyone wants to buy an OATH stingless native bee hive, I currently have one available. $400. will secure you one of these and it comes with a lesson on how to split and clone a hive, and how to open and extract honey from an established hive.

The garden here is looking better than ever before, now that all the time in the world is available for pottering about and planting, weeding, composting, potting, bio-charing and landscaping.

Really miss my regular surf trips though and may get to decide whether to risk public transport to Gold Coast again if they open up the lockdown as proposed for Friday May the 1st.

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