Grow your own coconut from a store purchased de-husked one.

I'm surprised to find it possible and so easy to do. Although I already have 2 coconut palms in my garden, I'm in the process of growing another as they take up little room and are likely to produce so much food. The video shows a plastic zip bag as a main feature, but what I did is use a tight fitting lidded plastic bucket. After the initial 2 day soak, I marked the top of the floating coconut with an X then sat it in some damp sand, back in the lidded bucket, and will wait until it's well sprouted before planting out into the garden.

Fresh Fiji coconuts are available at the Woodridge Indian supermarket down on Blackwood Road and I sometimes see them at the IGA Supermarket in Woodridge in Ewing Road.

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Comment by Lyn Buffett on January 13, 2020 at 14:51

Have you seen coconuts fruiting in Logan or nearby?


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