Grey water use on gardens. Castile soap

If you're lucky enough to be able to gravity feed your grey water onto your garden like me, you may be having some issues with the high salt content and various additives in the soaps and detergents you are using when they reach the garden, or for that matter, your body.

Recently I've changed to using Castile Soap in my laundry, kitchen and bathroom, which all drain onto different areas of my backyard to irrigate the trees here. The Permaculture article below alerted me to the problem:

Found this excellent product online available by mail order and immediately ordered a 5 litre container.

Am experimenting with additives such as Eucalyptus oil, Borax powder and a few other things to make optimal hand/body-wash and laundry cleaning substitutes.

A word of warning: please do not use Castile soap where disposal is going to be into the sewer, because the high phosphorous levels damage the environment when disposed into wetlands or river systems. However, this is a big bonus for us as phosphorous is very beneficial to gardens. If you have sensitive skin, castile soap may be the answer to your itchy scaly skin and scalp.

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