I wish to make it clear that the locked, fenced and gated compound you now see at Elm Park in Woodridge, is in no way connected to me or any of the group that were related to CAN, LACA, or the Kareni community group headed by David Saw-Wah, that originally selected Elm Park as a suitable Community Garden site.

Although the garden bed design looks very similar to the design that I created and submitted to Council in 2012, it is in no way related to me or the original submissions. All of our attempts to gain permission for the use of this site had been rejected by the Logan Councilor responsible for this ward/division at that time.

The group that was originally seeking Council land for Community Garden development has gone the way of the dinosaur but I remain standing and am seeking to connect with others who might be interested in the following:

Create a Community Garden on Council parkland, easement or vacant area with Permaculture principles at the heart of it.

Incorporate tree-crops and perennial plantings with demonstration sites that will allow for training programs and workshops that will involve, school-groups, long term unemployed, those who live in small units without garden space, our Indigenous friends,those with disabilities, the homeless, and, well anyone who is interested in learning about sustainable environments and community cohesion.

Please contact me if you are willing or able to help formulate a plan to try again!

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