Sorry for the last minute cancellation of my event, but I must take extra precautions. Some of you may be aware of the fact that a recent medical check, although revealing that I am in excellent health, identified an immune system deficiency that calls for further pathology tests and analysis. Under the current situation, it would be unwise for me to present myself at a clinic or pathology lab, for obvious reasons.

I have therefore decided to lock-the-gate, quite literally, until such time as the virus situation is somehow resolved. So, no visitors please, until further notice.

The main topic of conversation for the now cancelled event, was to be along the lines of being prepared to cope with just such an outbreak. It's becoming clear to a growing number of us, that the global corporate capitalist model under which we operate, is not sustainable and it's always been a question of when, not if, the system will collapse.

Being prepared for the time when the supply chain is broken and the supermarkets shelves are empty, due to flood, drought, famine or pandemic, has always been advisable. So in lieu of Saturday's cancelled gathering, here are a few suggestions:

Prepare for the worst/hope for the best.

Get yourself some native OATH bee hives.

If you are able to use your grey water on the garden, use only Castile soap as it contains all natural ingredients, has no salt content and has a high Phosphorous content that plants need for good growth.

Make your own cleaning products:

Toothpaste can be made with bi-carb and Extra Virgin Coconut oil combined with a few drops of your essential oil of choice for flavour.

All other cleaning can be done with Borax, Eucalyptus oil, Vinegar or Salt.

Natural sunscreen that also has powerful antiviral properties can be made by simply blending Zinc cream with EV Coconut oil.

Keep emailing or phoning Logan Council about their destruction of what little remains of our Koala habitat, via 'Our' Logan magazine and demand that it be online only, or printed of FSC certified recycled paper, by a Logan based printery!!

We need to call for a moratorium on all land clearing and landfill developments.

We need to have Logan council declare a climate emergency and not one wannabe ruling elites (ie Council candidates) are up to scratch. 

Plant a Permaculture jungle immediately, if not sooner. Water tanks, Solar PVs, LED lighting, Induction cooker and microwave for most efficient electricity use.

I urge you to go into lockdown immediately if this is possible for you, as we appear to be about 2 weeks behind the 'Italian' model of 'managing' this outbreak.

Stay well and best of luck.

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