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Many of you will be aware that in 2012, a group of Engineers, gardeners, planners and local residents, submitted a plan to develop Elm Park into a Community Garden space. However, our attempts at gaining council permissions to proceed were not successful.

It is flattering to discover that there is now a Community Garden at Elm Park and that the design that was drawn up and presented to Council by me, is now partially in place at the same Park. It has also become clear, that my design and planning skills are no longer required on this particular project. However, we are now able to build upon the fact that Council is open to the concept of Community Garden developments on Council property.

So, being equipped with the skills required to design and prepare management plans for submissions to Council, I am once again free to volunteer my energy and knowledge, to work with a consortium of like-minded community members.

There will be a series of meetings to identify an appropriate vacant Council landholding and create a design that incorporates many different environment and sociological needs.

Current participants in the planning phase of this project include:

People Power Services. An NGO that works toward employment training via the work for government benefits scheme.


The Logan Aboriginal & Torres Strait Elders Group. Working to provide skills training and experience for Indigenous youth.

At this point it is agreed that the plan should try to include:

A space for Community Development activities.

A safe place where the Homeless are given access to healthy organic food.

A gathering and sharing space for all residents, for both indigenous and introduced species.

A Men's /Women's shed and provision for school participants.

If you, your group, or NGO is interested in becoming involved in this project, please contact me for further updates and information on future meetings. We want to hear your suggestions and submissions so that we can then identify a suitable Council landholding and create a plan for Council to scrutinise.

I look forward to hearing from YOU.

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