Climate change action. What can you do right now?

Did you realise that LCC is spending something like $1 million per year of your rate money on destroying what little remains of our carbon sink, (forestry) to produce this completely non-recyclable landfill. Yes, it's the 'Our Logan' magazine that I'm speaking of. 

Those of you who attended the Logan Eco Forum event last month (which was the forum you're having when you're not having a forum), will have heard the key speaker Jon Dee of Planet Ark founder fame, who was flown in at who knows what expense and a large part of his presentation was devoted the the environmental catastrophe that PEFC sourced forest products really are. He had a private discussion with me during the break, about this, as well as the so called environmental plastic wrapping in which it is posted. It's all there on the elaborate documentation that was filmed of this event but it appears that Council is determined to ignore the advice they paid for!!

I urge you to open this link and speak up about this enviro crime.

No other local government area in Qld produces such a tragic waste of resources, everything is usually online or sent via email, just like most of our rates notifications are now.

There is currently an opportunity to speak about this as an online survey is currently underway on the LCC website.

I strongly urge each and every one of you to use this opportunity to try and stop this environmental crime.

There's plenty more you can do and if I can get the next door neighbour dog situation under control, I will host a gathering at my place ASAP to discuss the situation and what else we can do in a local context, right now.

For example, the carbon emitting food truck 'EatsnBeats' circus is costing you $32,000 per event and various council employees would appear to be benefiting in various ways with your money.

The Community Garden catastrophe at Elm Park is another issue about which you should become informed. It looks like a tens of thousands of $s waste of resources for very little return. More on this issue to follow, following a meeting that my allies have scheduled with LCC in a couple of weeks.

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