Emma-shae and Ed's experience in their new garden in Eagleby

Emma-shae writes, 'Without LFG our garden would not be the same.

'Our garden gate is always open (figuratively speaking) to those with a passion for gardening and wanting to trade plants or produce and we would like to invite other members along with their friends and family to come and see our garden and have a fun time and swap crops.

'Our story: We moved into our house in September 2013. When we moved in our dog could not go in the back yard as it was so unsafe. We found broken glass and fish hooks all through the yard that had only clumps of grass. After months of going through the yard inch by inch we removed enough broken glass to fill a 10L bucket, several fish hooks and 3 bird skulls. Then with some love and care the grass began to grow again.

'Neither Edward nor I had a lot of experience with gardening however we believe that with a positive can-do attitude and setting realistic goals you can achieve anything you set your mind to. On New Year’s Eve 2014 we made a resolution to spend more time improve our health by eating fresher foods and building a garden. On New Year’s Day Edward and I went to Bunnings and spent $300 on stuff to start our garden (we didn’t have anything, not even a shovel, rake or spade). We have tried to keep track of the money we spend on gardening stuff i.e. pots, potting mix, seeds, plants, shelving and shelters. We have spent approximately $600 in total and threw selling and trading some plants we have made approximately $200 back already.

'We now and have over 200 plants growing now including a large selection of chilli and tomatoes and herbs in just a few months since we started and grow mostly food plants and herbs.

'We also have some decorative plants too that encourage the bees and butterflies to visit our garden.

'We like to trade and swap plants seedlings and seeds for plants, seedlings and seeds and gardening things to expand our garden yet keep costs down at the same time and are very grateful to the Logan Food Growers Inc. community for welcoming us into their community and to all the members that we have met and traded with within the very short time we have been members.'

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Comment by Emma-shae Dawson on April 21, 2014 at 19:48

Welcome Tristan Hill I love to meet new members and I love to trade all the time. I had two members come over to trade this weekend alone. I am only new to gardening but with the help of other members I have been able to grow my garden rather quickly.

Comment by Tristan Hill on April 21, 2014 at 18:54

Hi Emma-shae and Ed, I'm really new to this community (this is my first comment/post) and I too love trading plants and produce!  I have just planted up a whole bunch of bean seeds (broad beans, purple climbers and butter beans) that are just about ready to be planted up and I would love to trade some for some different things.  I'm currently only gardening in a plot at the waterford community garden so space is of the essence and I have probably planted up more beans than I need so if you want any I'd love to trade some with you!  I also have a heap of seeds and fresh picked tomatoes and other produce that you may like to trade as well.  I just know they won't be any good by the time the crop swap comes around next month so I thought you might like to make an early trade.

Comment by Emma-shae Dawson on April 17, 2014 at 18:13

Aww Ben thanks for such kind words.

Comment by ben surfield on April 17, 2014 at 14:44

ditto emma shae its a pleasure to know both you and ed. its good to find down to earth people with huge hearts of gold indeed :) love ya both big much xo.....emma has always been a huge help since ive known her since i joined here......a true friend an both her an ed i recommend to anyone who needs a uplift in there day....gtreat effort from you both indeed :)


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