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Brunch today

Today I had lunch from stuff in the fridge and lots from the garden. That green salad is at least 10 different plants and herbs with saurkraut, pickled ginger, pickled chillies and my tomato sauce. Loads of goodness. its what its all about.…


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Tomatoes in Compost

Grab some posts or pieces of bamboo and ram them into the ground for a trellis. I grow black bamboo in the front yard for this very purpose. Now drop a big mound of compost around the trellis and plant your tomatoes. Use some twine as they get older to tie them to the trellis. 

Plenty of water and sunshine and watch them grow!…


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Plant up now - put in a new lot of seeds every two weeks or so

I have a little bed just for seedlings. Everything except beans are struck in this bed. When stuff doesn't come up you haven't wasted good compost and ground waiting weeks for nothing. If a crop is ten weeks long and you grow it for 2.5 weeks in the seedling bed before you transplant then you have a crop in only 7-8 weeks before you harvest. With some greens you can be taking leaves after a few weeks even. Keep planting every couple of weeks as this weather gets cooler. Then you have a…


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Plant up now

Well it has to be a great time to garden. Make sure you put extra seeds in for your friends and family.

It's a good time to teach others what to do and help them to grow wholesome food at home.

Often a herb garden is a good start with shallots, chillis, ginger, basil, thyme and rosemary. 

Minionette lettuce is a great start and its so easy to collect the seeds yourself at the end of the season. Dont forget to water your seedlings every day for the first week and maybe…


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The weather is getting warmer.

With the weather warming up a little I think it is a good time to plant that new fruit tree you have been thinking about. A few days ago I put water cress seeds into rock wool -they have sprouted and are cute to watch. I have a number of ideas of places I want to try growing them. I have heard they are very nutritious. I can't wait to plant my snake beans again -very soon. Despite their fibrous nature they are great cut up small. 

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How do I start a vegetable garden?

I still keep coming across well meaning people who want to grow vegetables but are doing things that make it very hard for them to have decent long term results. While there ARE exceptions to these simple rules -we want to maximise the growth and production of your plants and hard work. This list might be a check for all of us and perhaps you can add some more to this list -or exceptions - or you can disagree -above all have fun!


1. You need some sort of medium to grow your…


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Some great reading! -free too

This book of Davids is awesome -over 200 pages of easy to read ideas and things to try -great bedtime reading for the food gardener.


David gave the talk at the 171 club talk last Thursday. Lyn gave a great presentation too -and some free seeds -Thanks!

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