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Climate change action. What can you do right now?

Did you realise that LCC is spending something like $1 million per year of your rate money on destroying what little remains of our carbon sink, (forestry) to produce this completely non-recyclable landfill. Yes, it's the 'Our Logan' magazine that I'm speaking of. 

Those of you who attended the Logan Eco Forum event last month (which was the forum you're having when you're not having a forum), will have heard the key speaker Jon Dee of Planet Ark founder fame, who was flown…


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Garden visits, dog problems

A few of you have asked me if I'd be having a garden visit at my place again and I've had to say no, sorry.

If you watch the attached link to my video, you will see what would happen if I had visitors, when this is what I have been forced to endure for 4 years now. If the dog owner is not at home, this is what happens if the dog is aware that I have had the temerity to be in my own garden.…


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Grow your own coconut from a store purchased de-husked one.

I'm surprised to find it possible and so easy to do. Although I already have 2 coconut palms in my garden, I'm in the process of growing another as they take up little room and are likely to produce so much food. The video shows a plastic zip bag as a main feature, but what I did is use a tight fitting lidded plastic bucket. After the initial 2 day soak, I marked the top of the…


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Logan Ratepayers Association meeting Saturday October 5

I will be one of the main speakers at this coming meeting and as well as as speaking about the appalling environmental costs related to the 'Our Logan' magazine, Community gardens and Council policy regarding the use of vacant council properties is on my agenda. Animal Management is also in for a serve, having failed to take any action in spite of no less than 4 different neighbors complaints dating back to January 2017 now.

Please come along if you are able, and have your say…


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Gardens for all

Those of you who saw what can be achieved on private and council owned land at the Green Harvest visit on September 21 may be interested in this recent Permaculture post on the issue of…


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Why trees matter

For those of you too busy to read this long but informative link, let me summarize:

The temperature and humidity levels at which humans are unable to survive are surprisingly low in relation to what's happening to our climate.

Trees have the capacity to lower top temperatures by 5C and are an absolute necessity in making urban environments livable both now…


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Grey water use on gardens. Castile soap

If you're lucky enough to be able to gravity feed your grey water onto your garden like me, you may be having some issues with the high salt content and various additives in the soaps and detergents you are using when they reach the garden, or for that matter, your body.

Recently I've changed to using Castile Soap in my laundry, kitchen and bathroom, which all drain onto different areas of my backyard to irrigate the trees here. The Permaculture article below alerted me to the…


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Never seen it so hot or dry so early in the year. Soil has become so dry already that veges and herbs are failing here. Made a few changes by tilting my bathtub garden up higher at the drain end so t…

Never seen it so hot or dry so early in the year. Soil has become so dry already that veges and herbs are failing here.

Made a few changes by tilting my bathtub garden up higher at the drain end so that water can pond in the bottom of the tub, creating a kind of wicking system that needs far less water. Cut down some 20 litre plastic containers and…


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Community Garden

Community Garden Planning Committee

Many of you will be aware that in 2012, a group of Engineers, gardeners, planners and local residents, submitted a plan to develop Elm Park into a Community Garden space. However, our attempts at gaining council permissions…


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Elm Park Community Garden

I wish to make it clear that the locked, fenced and gated compound you now see at Elm Park in Woodridge, is in no way connected to me or any of the group that were related to CAN, LACA, or the Kareni community group headed by David Saw-Wah, that originally selected Elm Park as a suitable Community Garden site.

Although the garden bed design looks very similar to the design that I created and submitted to Council in 2012, it is in no way related to me or the original submissions. All…


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New GMO info, update on stingless bees and LOS

Hi from the south of Thailand where I once again potter about on long lazy days by the beach.…


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Bio-char story here, made on a massive scale. See you all in the Spring, but from now on I will be bicycle powered, walking or catching public transport in order to reduce my carbon footprint and try to make up for all those international flights eh?

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Fluoride update from LOS


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Natural energy and hidden wisdom

Hi from Thailand.

This extraordinary story is well worth reading carefully. 

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Bye bye roundup

Looks like it's the end of the road for roundup as at long last it has been outed as being an extremely toxic substance. Sadly though this comes about 40 years too late, as many people actually trust Monsanto and our regulatory authorities.

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Room for rent, car to best offer and going away

I'm off again in 2 weeks to SE Asia, this time for 4 months. As many of you know, I am looking for a house mate to rent the spare bedroom and have advertised this on but have thus far failed to find a tenant. So, I have reduced the asking price to $120. which includes free power, water and your very own flat-screen TV. This looks to be about the cheapest deal on the website. Woodridge however, would appear not to be a popular address?

Also as mentioned elsewhere, my…


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Time to fly away for winter. Bees, Crows and mice, car for sale and room for rent.

That time of year again when it's time to fly away for the winter, quite literally. Off to SE Asia again in May so busy getting my 'house in order' here.

There is currently one Native stingless bee hive available for purchase. Also I have recently posted my 'room for rent' onto because I'm looking to find a house-mate to share here. The single room at the back of the house is advertised for $130/ week which includes free power and water, so if anyone is interested…


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Unfermented Soy 12 reasons to avoid

A must read link, particularly if you have children or health issues already. This is about the most thorough and informative post I've seen in a very long time regarding this much overlooked issue.

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Share house for rent

I am looking to share my house with between one and three people.

You would need to be lean and green, and yes, that means NO herbicides or pesticides are to be used on the premises.

As I will be away traveling in SE Asia for around half of the time, I am looking to find someone who can look after the house and gardens and help me to pay my bills. If you know of anyone who might be interested, please let them know. I will be away this trip, from May 13th until September 5th.

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Fluoride debate

This is a thought provoking read, particularly the comments below the article. Strange that they were able to inflict this toxic waste on Logan without so much as a murmer of dissent from the victims of this crime against humanity.

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