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Rain rain come down and come back again another day

Well it is great to have all this rain.  It is a bit of a shame about LEAF, but happy that my garden is wet for a change.  I had been really concerned that we had entered our dry season after has such a dry summer.  I thought we had missed our chance for soil wetting rain.  I am so happy that this rain is recharging the soil and filling my empty rainwater tanks.   I am also really happy that I have increased my water storage capacity by 3000 litres recently.

My new rainwater…


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Making awesome bread

I would like to share with you the things I put in my bread mix to make the most awesome bread (and the reasons why).  It is not sour dough and it is not spelt, but it is awesome anyway.  I put all the ingredients in the breadmaker and put it on timer to be ready in the morning.  When I put it on timer it makes a much better loaf of bread.

2 c white flour (not organic as the organic I have bought from Woollies does not make a good bread)

1 c wholemeal flour

1 1/2…


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The best it has ever been

Wow my garden keeps getting better and better.  The soil is getting better so the plants are growing better and producing more.  I also have more garden beds than I have had in the past, so I have more opportunities to grow a greater variety and quantity of vegies.  This all adds up to food growing heaven.  

In the weekend I did a big clean up of junk that had been lying around and sent my hubby off to the dump.  It feels good to have the yard looking productive AND tidy (well…


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You are going to laugh at this

I have desperately been trying to correct a nutrient deficiency in some of my brassicas.  They look a bit like the attached photo.  I have just realised my error.  This is an ornamental cabbage and not an eating cabbage!!!  So the white and purple are to look pretty in flour arrangements and are not a nutrient deficiency!!!  My friend who works at a wholesale nursery gave them to me (along with a variety of others), so he probably didn't realise they were ornamentals!!!  

I am so…


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I am super happy :)

Super happy with how my garden is going at the moment and the things I have been learning about growing food successfully.

I had a little win this morning when I looked up Google to find out what the nutrient deficiency was in the leaves of my brassicas in one part of my garden.  The younger leaves had white veins but green between the veins and some of the leaves were all white in the middle..  I am aware that this is called Chlorosis, however by using this …


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Riley's Pet Hotel

Our Chook Hotel for visitors

Our first visitors

Our first doggy customers…


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Do you want to pick up your Food Connect order from Tanah Merah?

I have approached Food Connect to become one of their city cousins (collection point for food boxes). If you are interested in joining and would like to pick your box up from Tanah Merah, let me or Food Connect know. Here's to a fairer food system 

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Biogas at last

After a few teething problems we have finally heated our first jug of water for a celebratory cup of tea.  Thanks Colin :)

There is excellent gas pressure and plenty of gas.  It boiled the water in no time at all.  All we need now is a shield around it to shelter it from the wind.…


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Dinner tonight

Made a yummy poached chicken dish tonight,  It was chicken breast cut into big chunks poached in water and white wine.  I also had in the sauce sliced white choko, with kafir lime leaves, spring onions, parsley and salt and pepper.  I thickened the sauce with cornflower and water.  DELISH!

Sorry vegetarians :(

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What would it take for me to produce most of my own food?

My garden is abundant and supplying me with many fruits and vegies.  Every meal contains food from the garden, but I feel a bit dissatisfied at the amount we still buy from the shops.  It seems to me there are 2 things I need to address to reduce our reliance on shop bought food and increase the food provided by the garden.  These are 1) Grow a greater quantity of the foods we eat and 2) modify our eating habits to incorporate more of what we are growing in our meals.

1) Grow a…


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Lyn's Garden in August 2014

Wow I am loving my garden at the moment!  I would love you to come to my garden on 16 August and I will share what has been going on here.

Chris Downes has been over recently giving a few suggestions here and there that have made a big difference.  Firstly I asked him why he thought the plants in one of my garden beds were struggling.  He said he thought that the garden bed was too wet.  It happens to be one of my wicking gardens, so I held off on watering it and it improved.  Also We…


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Do you have LEGO to trade?

My very deserving 6 year old, Riley, would like to know if you have any Lego you don't want anymore.  He has plans for a whole fleet of Lego vehicles, but has unfortunately reached current capacity.  We can pay in home grown vegies, fruit, eggs or food gardening advice :)…


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Gravity fed worm castings/compost/weed tea watering system

I have a big garden, that some would say is steep.   The house is at road level and the back garden slopes down from there.  I know the benefits of compost/weed teas, but distributing these with buckets or a watering can around my garden just isn't practical.  A few years ago I came up with a great solution....

A gravity fed waterer.  Basically it is a big 220L drum with the lid cut off with a hose connector attached near the bottom of the drum (I bought the connector at…


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I did a cool thing today

A month or so back Chris Downes mentioned that he diverts bath water onto his garden with a hose that comes up through his bathroom floor waste.  Unfortunately my bathroom floor waste is actually where my basin, bath and shower discharge to (whereas Chris' floor waste is separate.  Anyway I had an idea today which I followed through on.
My house is a slab on ground, so…

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The weekend

What an awesome weekend.  Crop swap on Saturday and garden making victory at Jimboomba on Sunday. Oh sooo good.  I was really happy with how the fluoro vests came out with the iron on LFG print (that Mike had designed) on them.  4 of us stood out lady bugs on an eggplant and we had at least 8 of us in our LFG hats which really created some team identity.

A huge thank you to all those who participated in the garden building comp.  Especially those roped in at the last…


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Home grown food is great for so many reasons..........

Home grown food is better for individuals, families, communities and the planet for social, emotional, health and environmental reasons.

  • Individuals –
    • health - it is more nutritious, delicious, fresher and poisonous-spray free
    • Social and emotional -  People who grow food feel a closer connection to the land, the place and the environment.  They also feel a sense of pride for creating something so…

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Not much to eat at the moment.

I felt a bit disapointed today as I wandered around my yard.  There isn't much in the garden to harvest.  No bumper crops filling the fridge or freezer.  No surplus to farm out to friends.  Just bits here and there and unripe fruit that promise a good future, but not ready yet.  

I have been harvesting about 4 strawberries per day (think I need an acre of these to get enough), about 4 red pawpaw over the last 2 weeks, some lady finger bananas, one Loganberry (I cut it in half and…


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Kindy veg garden

Wow so excited! I just called Bunnings to see if they would donate some gardening supplies to my son's kindy. They said YES! So tomorrow I am going to pick up mulch, compost, seeds, seedlings and hopefully even some fruit trees!!! Thanks Christie at Bunnings you rock!

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What a lovely day I have had

As hot as it was I managed to get out into the garden for much of the morning and then again in the late afternoon.  I haven't spent much time in my garden over the last 6 months, so it felt so good to get out there and get my hands in the dirty.

Here are some of the things I did today:

  • Dug up the potatoes -  got about 2/3 of a bucket full o
  • Picked all the Madagascar (lima) beans.  the beans including the pods filled a big bucket.
  • ate mulberries straight…

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My garden today

I enjoyed some time in my garden today.  It was warmer outside in the sun than it was inside, so Hailey and I had fun pottering about.  I placed 3 plastic rubbish bins in 3 different locations around the yard, filled each with green leaves, some chook poo and some sheep poo and then filled them with water and popped the lids on.  I will leave these for a couple of weeks and use the stewed liquid on the plants (diluted first) as liquid fertiliser.  I have put them in different locations so I…


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