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Weeds, Community Gardens, Stingless bees.

Greetings. Been a while since I last appeared, but I'm still here although grounded like all of us so been busy around Logan and Brisbane.

Just discovered a very interesting book, available from Logan Library in digital form, called WEEDS: The Ultimate Gardener's Guide to Organic Weed Control. By Tim Marshall. While I recognise that not all of you are 'Organic' sustainable style gardeners, this book is for everyone, being chock full of fascinating facts and information about taking…


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Community Healing and Building Social Capital for Change using Gardening


I'm a Horticultural Therapist and I've noticed there are lots of people in the Logan Shire who are disadvantaged and marginalized. This has manifested in disability, especially depression, anxiety and the panoply of other mental problems than can be mediated by horticultural activity, especially in groups that cooperate.

My question is: What organizations in Logan are catering for the above problems, including disaffected youth, using horticulture? What is the potential for…


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Good News

Is that this pandemic has given us a bit more time before a Climate Catastrophe takes a firm grip.

Also it's great for my tropicals here in Logan with my coconut palms putting out new growth this late in the season.

A huge new bunch of bananas opening up also and a huge Jakfruit crop is setting…


Added by Colin Westwood on May 19, 2020 at 14:55 — 1 Comment

Brunch today

Today I had lunch from stuff in the fridge and lots from the garden. That green salad is at least 10 different plants and herbs with saurkraut, pickled ginger, pickled chillies and my tomato sauce. Loads of goodness. its what its all about.…


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Home alone.

Good advice to be found in this permaculture rave.

Been home alone now since mid March and unlike many, really loving it! With no distractions, or the annoying little bad habits of a partner/housemate/relative to endure, it's been down to business here.

Have built 10 new stingless OATH bee…


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Tomatoes in Compost

Grab some posts or pieces of bamboo and ram them into the ground for a trellis. I grow black bamboo in the front yard for this very purpose. Now drop a big mound of compost around the trellis and plant your tomatoes. Use some twine as they get older to tie them to the trellis. 

Plenty of water and sunshine and watch them grow!…


Added by Dalo on April 13, 2020 at 18:00 — 1 Comment

Plant up now - put in a new lot of seeds every two weeks or so

I have a little bed just for seedlings. Everything except beans are struck in this bed. When stuff doesn't come up you haven't wasted good compost and ground waiting weeks for nothing. If a crop is ten weeks long and you grow it for 2.5 weeks in the seedling bed before you transplant then you have a crop in only 7-8 weeks before you harvest. With some greens you can be taking leaves after a few weeks even. Keep planting every couple of weeks as this weather gets cooler. Then you have a…


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Garden suggestions

Gardening Ideas

Now that we're all well and truly grounded, the lack of jet aircraft in the sky's above have had an immediate effect. Notice how crystal clear the sky has become? Nice and quiet too! Not having that layer of…


Added by Colin Westwood on April 5, 2020 at 13:08 — 2 Comments

Plant up now

Well it has to be a great time to garden. Make sure you put extra seeds in for your friends and family.

It's a good time to teach others what to do and help them to grow wholesome food at home.

Often a herb garden is a good start with shallots, chillis, ginger, basil, thyme and rosemary. 

Minionette lettuce is a great start and its so easy to collect the seeds yourself at the end of the season. Dont forget to water your seedlings every day for the first week and maybe…


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A word of warning.

Please be aware of the possible consequences of going overboard with this concept. Read carefully if you are into this technique.

Added by Colin Westwood on March 22, 2020 at 12:53 — No Comments

COVID-19 Strategies.

Sorry for the last minute cancellation of my event, but I must take extra precautions. Some of you may be aware of the fact that a recent medical check, although revealing that I am in excellent health, identified an immune system deficiency that calls for further pathology tests and analysis. Under the current situation, it would be unwise for me to present myself at a clinic or pathology lab, for obvious reasons.

I have therefore decided to lock-the-gate, quite literally, until such…


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Climate change action. What can you do right now?

Did you realise that LCC is spending something like $1 million per year of your rate money on destroying what little remains of our carbon sink, (forestry) to produce this completely non-recyclable landfill. Yes, it's the 'Our Logan' magazine that I'm speaking of. 

Those of you who attended the Logan Eco Forum event last month (which was the forum you're having when you're not having a forum), will have heard the key speaker Jon Dee of Planet Ark founder fame, who was flown…


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Garden visits, dog problems

A few of you have asked me if I'd be having a garden visit at my place again and I've had to say no, sorry.

If you watch the attached link to my video, you will see what would happen if I had visitors, when this is what I have been forced to endure for 4 years now. If the dog owner is not at home, this is what happens if the dog is aware that I have had the temerity to be in my own garden.…


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Grow your own coconut from a store purchased de-husked one.

I'm surprised to find it possible and so easy to do. Although I already have 2 coconut palms in my garden, I'm in the process of growing another as they take up little room and are likely to produce so much food. The video shows a plastic zip bag as a main feature, but what I did is use a tight fitting lidded plastic bucket. After the initial 2 day soak, I marked the top of the…


Added by Colin Westwood on November 8, 2019 at 7:19 — 1 Comment

Tiger Grass plants and leaves

Hi fellow gardeners,
I’m after a Tiger Grass plant and their leaves. If you have any, I’m happy to exchange or swap with plants or organic miso paste or organic tamari.

My mother wants the leaves to wrap food.

Many thanks in advance.

Added by Alice Lau on October 27, 2019 at 21:42 — No Comments

Logan Ratepayers Association meeting Saturday October 5

I will be one of the main speakers at this coming meeting and as well as as speaking about the appalling environmental costs related to the 'Our Logan' magazine, Community gardens and Council policy regarding the use of vacant council properties is on my agenda. Animal Management is also in for a serve, having failed to take any action in spite of no less than 4 different neighbors complaints dating back to January 2017 now.

Please come along if you are able, and have your say…


Added by Colin Westwood on October 1, 2019 at 10:02 — No Comments

Gardens for all

Those of you who saw what can be achieved on private and council owned land at the Green Harvest visit on September 21 may be interested in this recent Permaculture post on the issue of…


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Why trees matter

For those of you too busy to read this long but informative link, let me summarize:

The temperature and humidity levels at which humans are unable to survive are surprisingly low in relation to what's happening to our climate.

Trees have the capacity to lower top temperatures by 5C and are an absolute necessity in making urban environments livable both now…


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Grey water use on gardens. Castile soap

If you're lucky enough to be able to gravity feed your grey water onto your garden like me, you may be having some issues with the high salt content and various additives in the soaps and detergents you are using when they reach the garden, or for that matter, your body.

Recently I've changed to using Castile Soap in my laundry, kitchen and bathroom, which all drain onto different areas of my backyard to irrigate the trees here. The Permaculture article below alerted me to the…


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