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Worm Tea

Does anyone know how I can get some worm tea from my worm farm? It will be a year before I get castings (new venture), so any suggestions would be appreciated.  Nothing's forthcoming at the moment, but perhaps I don't have enough worms (maybe less than a 1000 after nearly drowning the poor little critters). Ta. 

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Garden visit to Roger and Brenda Clark's on Sept 21

Garden Visit to our place on September 21

Here is a brief overview of our garden's history

Roger and Brenda started building their house themselves on 5 acres at Park Ridge over 35 years ago , and it is now almost finished! Roger has always had an interest in growing things and over the years there have been many garden sites, Lots of  learning through failures, and some successes.

Since retirement the garden has been able to get more attention, Roger now grows most of his…


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Ellen grove community garden

Hi food gardeners. I have helped develop a community garden here and we have applied for funding thru quest newspapers for plumbing for rainwater tank. We are asking everyone to vote for us at Ps you need to register to vote. Thanks everyone

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Do you have LEGO to trade?

My very deserving 6 year old, Riley, would like to know if you have any Lego you don't want anymore.  He has plans for a whole fleet of Lego vehicles, but has unfortunately reached current capacity.  We can pay in home grown vegies, fruit, eggs or food gardening advice :)…


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Gravity fed worm castings/compost/weed tea watering system

I have a big garden, that some would say is steep.   The house is at road level and the back garden slopes down from there.  I know the benefits of compost/weed teas, but distributing these with buckets or a watering can around my garden just isn't practical.  A few years ago I came up with a great solution....

A gravity fed waterer.  Basically it is a big 220L drum with the lid cut off with a hose connector attached near the bottom of the drum (I bought the connector at…


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July 2014 News from Northey Street City Farm - courtesy of Sheryl Backhouse

Northey St City Farm News - JULY 2014


Welcome to the July 2014 News from Northey Street City Farm.

Important Dates

4 July – 6pm for 6.30pm – David Holmgren & Nicole Foss Talk at QUT (see below for details)

26-27 July & 2-3 August – Intro to Bush Permaculture Retreat…


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Sheryl Backhouse's great email with advice about the Queensland Garden Expo 2014

This email was sent by Sheryl Backhouse to Sub Tropical Fruit Growers today ... I'm sharing it with you.

The Speaker program is now on the website. Print it out and plan your day…


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I got a pepino plant from warren's place out of the free plants,it is fruiting now and I don't know when to harvest the fruit do I pick them at a certain size and wait for it to get soft or do I let it ripen on the plant

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cassava leaf recipe

Cassava Leaf Puree with Coconut Milk


100 gr cassava leaves

5 salam leaves

50 gr pea eggplants

3 (5 gr) red chili

5 (50 gr) shallots

1 (5 gr) clove garlic

3 (15 gr) candlenuts, toasted

1" fresh galangal, slightly…


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I did a cool thing today

A month or so back Chris Downes mentioned that he diverts bath water onto his garden with a hose that comes up through his bathroom floor waste.  Unfortunately my bathroom floor waste is actually where my basin, bath and shower discharge to (whereas Chris' floor waste is separate.  Anyway I had an idea today which I followed through on.
My house is a slab on ground, so…

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LEAF outcome :)

So we took the family for some sustainable living fun today and went to LEAF at the uni, where we got seeds and seedlings. Getting home we got stuck straight into it, on the advice of LFG member Chris Downes, we covered our seeds using a lil back yard ingenuity, lol. Old grain bags and some recycling of pvc…


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I need a new home for my Plants

I have accepted a job position in Gladstone and will be doing fly in fly out work but I may be gone for 2 to 4 weeks at a time.

As most of you know I have quite a number and selection of plants which takes alot of effort to care for even for an avid gardener like myself.

Edward has said he would like to keep our garden going while I am away but there is just to much for him to care for on his own.

I have offered some plants to Warren Goodlet for…


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Wicking Box Tutorial

I have made several of Chris Downes wicking boxes and decided to make a tutorial of the process I used to make my version.

You can see the tutorial and download a PDF on my site.

P.S. Thanks again Chris for the demonstration at Lauren's garden visit which inspired me to make this tutorial. (I hope you don't mind).

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The weekend

What an awesome weekend.  Crop swap on Saturday and garden making victory at Jimboomba on Sunday. Oh sooo good.  I was really happy with how the fluoro vests came out with the iron on LFG print (that Mike had designed) on them.  4 of us stood out lady bugs on an eggplant and we had at least 8 of us in our LFG hats which really created some team identity.

A huge thank you to all those who participated in the garden building comp.  Especially those roped in at the last…


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Jimboomba Community Garden Open Day next sunday

Are you attending the Jimboomba Community Garden Open Day? We are looking for members of Logan Food Gardeners to rally together to make a team to compete in the lasagne bed (no dig garden) building contest being held at 11am.

We can enter 2 teams of 4 people and will need to possibly have extra people on standby should they not be able to make it

The Open day is from 10am to 4pm on 25/05/14 (next Sunday) with the race being held at…


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Suit Up!!

Well, I learnt another lesson today. Using organic gardening methods is great for the environment, but doesn't mean at the same time that it is safe to humans. Used a Dipel Chilli spray this morning and got covered in the stuff by a wind gust. Ended up in Emergency with rash, numb mouth, tingling lips, difficulty swallowing and wheezy. Will have to wear a full hazmat suit next time LOL

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I have had some success breeding quails and now have more than I can comfortably house. I have males and females of various colours and ages. 

If anyone would like to trade or buy some of these easy to keep lovely little birds contact me via this thread or mobile 0403 503 889.…


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abit confused

is there a garden meeting 6 days before emma shaes garden visit ? im abit confused with the dates i need to set for myself as i need to work out transport due to not having a vehicle yet since arriving in brisbane...just so i have time to make plans if i need too...thx guys an gals ox

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Lemon Curd is also known as Lemon Cheese in Britain. It is a lovely preserve to make and is super-easy as you can see in this lemon curd recipes. This preserve is used in the same way as jam or as a cake topping or pie filling.

It keeps for up to two weeks in the fridge, and also freezes very well for up to 6 months.

Prep Time: 10 minutes



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Emma-shae and Ed's experience in their new garden in Eagleby

Emma-shae writes, 'Without LFG our garden would not be the same.

'Our garden gate is always open (figuratively speaking) to those with a passion for gardening and wanting to trade plants or produce and we would like to invite other members along with their friends and family to come and see our garden and have a fun time and swap crops.

'Our story: We moved into our house in September 2013. When we moved in our dog could not go in the back yard as it was so unsafe. We found…


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