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There are many ways you can start or join conversations on Logan Food Gardeners


On most pages on LFG you will see a comment field.  Use this comment field to enter a message.  Comment fields on My Page or in the Latest Activity section on the Main page can be used to share your current status eg. "I have just harvested a whole bucket of lemons from our tree" .  For comment fields under photos, under events, under blogs etc. you can make a longer comment about the content.  Comments fields under forum discussions are available for you to join in the discussion.

Another tip on using comment and status boxes.  If you want to comment on a particular thing (eg. an event) it is better to use the comment box below the event (open the event to see it), than to use the status box on the main page or "my page".  You can write more in the comment boxes (than you can in status boxes) and it keeps the comment with what it is related to.  

Be also aware that if you put a comment on a members page, it will show up on the main page under Latest Activity and will be visible to everyone.  If you don't want this send them a MESSAGE instead.


A blog is like a diary entry.  Use it to talk about your own garden or gardening experience.  Include photos to make it really interesting to other members and to help get your message across.  You can read and comment on other member's blogs by clicking on the Blog tab in the Menu, opening up a blog and writing in the comment field below.


If you would like to ask questions, start a conversation on a particular topic or get involved in existing conversations the best place to do it is in the FORUM.

You will see that the under the Forum tab there are a number of different categories eg. Recipes, Local News etc.  Within each category there can be numerous discussions eg. under of Local News there are 3 discussions (at the moment): Oxfam Grow Campaign, Logan Garden Comp and Council's Draft Community Gardens Policy.  You can click on any of these and reply to the discussion.



If you want to say something to a member, but don't want other members seeing it uses Messages.  Just click on the member and down the left (under their profile picture) you will see the words send a message.  Click on that to send a private message.





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