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Membership Participation

Logan Food Gardeners is an organisation that aims to promote food growing and to connect people who love growing food.  In many ways we do this well, but it is hard to deny that many people who sign up to the site, never become active members and many people who do become active members leave the club after a period of time.  We all have busy lives and sometimes our priorities change, but I believe many people stop coming because their needs or wants are not being met by the club.

This brings up many questions: what are people's needs, what do they want, what would it take to make a non participant active, and how do we keep people engaged.  It also brings up deeper questions about us and who we are as a club: what are our values, what do we care about, how do we want to interact with other members, what are out goals?

My personal aim with LFG was a community of people who support each other to grow food.  In many ways we have achieved this however I would love to see the club strengthen and see people forming more connections with with local people.  I don't want to be in the business of just replacing people who leave.

Steve Gayner (now in our membership sub committee) has a background in helping organisations to uncover their core values and to build a strong organisation through communicating those values and rewarding heroes.  He has offered to facilitate LFG to work these things out and to give our organisation the brightest possible future.

Please come along to our next meeting and join this conversation.  Your input is very much valued.

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