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I am searching for a plant called Amla (Indian Gooseberry or Emblic Myrobalan).  It is native to India.  I grew up eating the Amla fruit.  Apparently, this fruit has made into all kinds of supplements and powder.  It has cleansing effect and full of anti-oxidant. 

I would like to plant a tree in my yard.  It will take many years to fruit.  If you have a stock for  sale, I am more than happy to buy it off you.  And, if you have the fruit for sale, I am more than happy to buy as well.  

Amla fruit is very sour and bitter.  It is not a usual fruit to eat.  But the after taste can be very pleasant. 

Thank you,


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Daley's nursery sometimes sell these plants. 

Thank you Lyn.  It turned out Jack from Rare plant in Greenbank has a stock.  I will get it tomorrow.  In 5-10 years, the amla tree will bear fruits...Happy to share with others - plants and fruit.



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