hi there i have an abundance of seedlings at the moment and was wondering if there was something that I have that you might want to trade.

I have cherry tomato,
indigo rose tomatoes,
red capsicum,
chocolate capsicum,
mixed red, green and yellow capcicum,
Kent pumpkin,
rainbow chilli  
Australian red habenero chilli,
Trinidad Moruga scorpian chilli
Orange Habenero

I also have Alovera plants aprox 30cm tall already

i will be going to the crop swap in march but i have so many seedlings so why not do some trading before then too. I am happy to trade for plants or produce

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i now have available

Marigolds, Lavender, Red Habanero, Chocolate habenero, White Habenero,

Orange Habenero, Birds Eye, Willy Chilli, Rainbow (Purple red green)

Long Red Thai, short red Thai, Red Ghost chilli, Orange Trinidad Scorpion

red Trinidad Scorpion, Purple Tiger, White Hot chilli

WOR (white orange red) Rainbow chilli, Green Sage, thyme, rosemary

Parsley, Italian parsley, Sweet basil, mint, oregano, curry plant, dill, chives, white sage, Thai basil, Lemon basil, Curry leaf, Black beauty Eggplant

chocolate Capsicum, red Capsicum, R,G,Y Capsicum, Indigo Rose Tomato, Kent Pumpkin, Cherry tomato 

Hi Emma-shae

Do you still have the avocado tree please?


Sorry Phil I don't have it any more



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