hi there i have an abundance of seedlings at the moment and was wondering if there was something that I have that you might want to trade.

I have cherry tomato,
indigo rose tomatoes,
red capsicum,
chocolate capsicum,
mixed red, green and yellow capcicum,
Kent pumpkin,
rainbow chilli  
Australian red habenero chilli,
Trinidad Moruga scorpian chilli
Orange Habenero

I also have Alovera plants aprox 30cm tall already

i will be going to the crop swap in march but i have so many seedlings so why not do some trading before then too. I am happy to trade for plants or produce

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I would like some red capsicums if you have some spare. I can swap for red pawpaw seedlings, dragon fruit or asparagus plants. OR lemons :)

i would love some dragon fruit plants and lemons

Lyn please contact me so we can arrange a crop swap

Hi Emma

I would love some indigo rose tomatoes and moruga scorpion chillies. I have red panama passionfruits right now and will have some bananas ripe soon (ducasse). I could also trade passionfruit butter.

I am in Tanah Merah. Will add you as a friend so we can message each other if you are interested. Thanks :-)


what area are you in emma?

hi Live in Eagleby in logan its about a 10min drive from the logan hyperdome

thanks, I live right near the hyperdome, so not far at all. might be interested in some of your seedlings . I will go through your latest post and ask hubby what he is keen on as we are about to plant out part of our garden again

I love to have habanero chilli. Would you like to trade with, I only have seeds at the moment,
perhaps do you like to swap with chamomile seeds, Italian passeri, or coriander. I have seeds of some of Asian green like mizuna also.

i would be happy to trade you satoko i have red and orange habenero seedlings. i also have chocolate and white habeneros though they have not sprouted yet


Sounds great! Where and where you want trade? I will bring
Whatever seeds I have got.
Can I have the Trinidad Moruga scorpian chilli,too. My hubby loves very hot chilli.

Hi Emma-shae,

I would love to swap something for some of your habeneros (these are my favourite type of chilli) although I haven't got a lot to offer in exchange as possums and rats have been eating my plants and seedlings. I have overcome this but still have work to do to get back to where I was.



I do however have a lot of "Green Harvest" seeds (most of their range) also free range eggs from my chooks to trade if you are interested.



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