I rang the mushroom exchange the other day to get exact details of their mushroom compost collection days and here is what I found out;


What: Spent mushroom compost for sale

When; First Saturday of every month

Where: 4700 Mt Lindsay Highway, North Maclean.

How Much: $30/m3


I would recommend calling before you go however (07) 5546 0155) as when I called the collection day had been changed to the second saturday of the month (October).  Also I can't remember the times, possible 7 or 9 untill 11am.

Hope this helps anyone who is looking for a cheap way to fill in a garden bed or improve the soil they have got.

I haven't tried it only because I couldn't get there this month and I am to impatient to wait a whole other month so bought some soil at double the price elsewhere :(.

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Sue told me about the mushroom compost, so we looked up the details and off Hubby went last Saturday week (the first one of the month) without ringing, only to find that for some reason they had postponed it until the next week (this Saturday just gone). He arrived there shortly before 6.30 am and was 5th in line. It was due to open at 7am, but the guy doing the loading arrived and with the storm looming, decided to get the show on the road straight away. Hubby got his load and headed off home. It's weighs heavily enough but he got caught up in that deluge that we had on Saturday morning, so by the time he got home, the ute was groaning under the weight..... and 'beautiful brown liquid 'was pouring out fertilising the roadway between North Maclean and here. A ute load is a huge amount and $30 is a brilliant price to pay for it ... Sunday was spent topping up all of the beds and I haven't made a dint in it. It is absolutely gorgeous looking compost - so rich looking.....so wish I'd known about it when I started building my garden beds.   

I am getting 5 cubic metres of mushroom compost delivered this Thursday.  It is a bit crazy and far more than I need, so I am selling some off for $5 per bag (fill your own 20kg chook food bag or similar).  I have some bags, but it would be a good idea to bring your own containers or bags.



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