At Lynn's garden visit someone shared a tasty cassava dish that was beautifully presented on a large tray. I would love to get the recipe for that dish, please. :)

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It was Kim Chiew and his wife.  I have sent them a message asking for the recipe.

The cake is a baked Cassava (tapioca) cake. The Malay name is Kuih Bingka in case you want to google it.


3 cups  grated cassava

2 cups coconut milk

1 cup sugar

half cup dessicated coconut.

Mix all the ingredients together and pour into greased 21 cm baking tin

Bake at 180 degrees C for 50 - 60 minutes

Allow it to cool completely before cutting into slices.


You can find many recipes if you google kuih bingka.  Grace does not add any colour as the cassava we grow is naturally yellow when cooked.  You can find grated cassava in the frozen section of vietnamese shops. 



Thank you, Kim and Grace.  :)

We loved your Cassava Cake and it was so beautifully presented. Can't wait to try it. Regards

So can you use cassava tubers that have been dug up and sitting in the shade for a week ?  Can you just peel them and grate them and cook them ?  I read something about cyanide poisoning if they were'nt prepared properly, and I dont want to kill my kids at this point.

Thanks, Lyn.

Do you peal the cassava before grating it?

Yes.  they are quite easy to peel. you run the knife down the length of the cassava about skin depth. then you use the knife to lift the skin off the cassava and then push your finger under the skin to seperate the skin from the cassava. sometimes, you might need to peel it with the knife where it hard to remove the skin. hope I have not confused you. If you are grating it yourself, squeeze out the excess liquid so that the cake will not be too soggy.

Thanks Kim.  That seems really easy.  I can't with till next year when I harvest mine.

Peeling cassava is easy if you cut a spiral the depth of the skin, along the root, then start at one end to remove it, after soaking overnight for an even easier outcome.



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