We are looking for food plant related things to sell to raise funds at LEAF on 28 May

  • Do you have any seeds you could bag up and label for us to sell at LEAF
  • Do you have any seedlings or plants you could pot up for 

We will be getting some seedings for people top pot up is you haven't any of your own.  Put a comment below if you are able to pot some of these up.

Leave a comment below or contact Leafstall@loganfoodgardeners.org 

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I would love to pot up some seedlings.  Already have some capsicum and some sage underway.

Free seedlings. Pick up from 75 sewell rd Tanah Merah. They are out the front of the carport. You can have them for your own garden, and if you can, please pot some up for our LEAF Stall (end of May). There are seedling trays under the black box.
The seedlings are:
Red profusion tomato.....
Chilli acapulco orange..
Roma egg tomato......
Mild jalapenos....

I have at least a dozen Curry Leaf tree seedlings I can dig up. I'm in a 'fire ant' declared area so really should present them 'bare rooted'.

If you have seeds, seedlings or anything else we can sell at our stall please bring it to our LEAF stall before 10am next Sunday or drop it off by Saturday 27 May to 16 Fawkner St Slacks Creek (just put in front of the garage door).  If you can't get there you could drop them off at 75 Sewell Rd Tanah Merah (by Saturday 27 May)

Yes, i do. I have 6 oe 8 spear mint 6 patck.
1 6 patck of german chamomile seedlings.
2 Cranberry hibiscus.
2 warrigal green.
I will drop off at slacks creek on Saturaday.



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