LFG's latest Event: garden visit to Roger and Brenda Clark's Park Ridge property

Roger and Brenda hosted the most recent LFG Garden Visit this morning, to their property in Park Ridge.

Please share your experiences (snippets, photos) from this visit for the benefit of other members who were unable to join us today.

Thank you!

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Hello, Roger and Brenda, here. We loved having you all here yesterday. It was great to share info with you all. Roger learned a lot from all the interaction and discussions that ensued. Thanks also for eventually bringing some much needed showers to our place today. Long may they continue! It was great to meet and talk with lots of people that are all passionate about growing food. I have already planted out all the plants we received on the day. Thanks for a lovely day everyone.

Hi Roger and Brenda, I am sure everyone who came is thankful you got some rain finally! We had a great visit to your place! Thanks again!

Thanks to Roger & Brenda for opening up your property - I had a most interesting time as we too grow in raised garden beds, various types of bags and containers, but not to your scale.  We have clay instead of sand and my son Gavin has spent most of the winter composting to prepare soil so we can stop buying in soil.  We too intend to plant more potatoes - our recent harvest yesterday afternoon was one lot of rotted seed potato and no new potatoes.  The other had 5 small potatoes - not much result for the large happy plant that had been growing!  Thanks for the ideas and sharing your knowledge.  My son also picked up fig cuttings - if we actually have success in striking these cuttings and getting produce we give you a percentage of the harvest! Wish us luck - as we seem to have brown thumbs with some plants and as you have shown at your visit its all trial and error.  

my apologies for taking so long to comment but I do have my grandson here and we have been very busy with activities to keep him happy.
Really enjoyed visiting your property Roger & Brenda, amazing the number & type of containers you have on the go; must say that as I walked around I kept thinking I could pinch that or perhaps that? for my place, good assortment of usable garden resources. Definately could relate to your soil at the front of the property and sympathise on your past efforts. However, you do seem to manage the veggie container beds extremely well & with Brenda's commentry efforts who needs to remember everything?.
Did I mention I'm going to borrow/hire Brenda at some stage.
Many thanks to you both really enjoyed the visit.

know this shouldn't be here Liz but cannot get my comment on the event to go through so put it here

That's great Robyn ... this is exactly where your comments should come to ... really pleased you enjoyed your visit. Roger's done so much work, with Brenda's assistance, that it's easy to be inspired by a visit to their place!



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