LFG's latest Event: garden visit to Roger and Brenda Clark's Park Ridge property

Roger and Brenda hosted the most recent LFG Garden Visit this morning, to their property in Park Ridge.

Please share your experiences (snippets, photos) from this visit for the benefit of other members who were unable to join us today.

Thank you!

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Roger and Brenda made a great team sharing the hosting of our tour of their property, this morning.

I learned so much, especially because Roger and Brenda were prepared to share the stories of their failures as well as successes and to demonstrate what can go wrong, with practical examples. But I also learned from the comments of other members present. This richness of shared experience is what I love about our club.

One thing I learned that we can apply almost immediately is that reducing a fig tree to about a third of its starting height at this stage of producing new growth will not reduce its capacity to crop  (and I benefited with two cuttings!)

I also learned that growing pepper greens will help address nematodes in an organic way.  

Thank you both for the effort you put into preparing for our visit and for the great time we all had learning from your experiences.

Fantastic morning at Roger and Brenda's. It was so interesting listening to their struggles on this very dry piece of land with very poor soil and how they have overcome these problems by applying different growing methods.  Definitely have to get some mustard greens into my garden to control nematodes. Also now I know what to do with all the PVC pipe off cuts at my place :-)

Gabi, If you have any narrow (say  2-2.5 inch diameter) PVC you don't want to build frames for nets with, or re too short for that purpose, I have a use for it! Just saying!

Hi Liz, I have 150mm blue pipes which I will use to grow things in, just to experiment. 

Hi Gabi ... great idea to experiment. I'm just on the lookout for recycled materials for projects at home.

I found this on Gumtree. Might be what you are looking for and only $30 for the lot.


Thanks Gabi! Excellent ...  worth investigating.

Thanks to Roger & Brenda for opening up your property to us this morning. It was interesting hearing the trials they encountered whilst planting out their various trees and plants around the property and how they adapted to their conditions. It just proved that where there is a will, there is a way. I also came away with more knowledge from this visit- every garden visit I have walked away with something new. Thank You also for the Ginger & a Fig cutting :) 

Wonderful day, wonderful people and wonderful information. I have to say I'm amazed and somewhat horrified at the effrot  required to exclude the critters. Horrified as I have all this to look forward to. Critters in the country are nowhere nera as persistent or selfish as they seem to be in suburban acreage. My experience with country cirtters is that they'r ehappy to share.

Roger, quite obviously when someone told you that you couldn't make a silk purse from a Sow's ear, you fired striaght back with, " to hell I can't, jsut wacth me"

Thank you for being so open in sharing your failures with us, as doing so was quite possibly more educational than observing the successes. After all, why should we all go and attempt to re-invent the wheel. On saying taht, someone should start a blog on gardening successes and faliures. I say someone as I'm damned if I can find the blog key on my key board. To start it off, I would say my greatest success has been in applying $10.00 worht of Humic Acid to my gardens. By far my biggest failure to date has been wasting over $100.00 on mushroom compost that murdered all the biology in1/4 of my garden. I'm so grateful I never spread that crap over my entire garden.

I digress, Roger and Brenda, thank you.

Today's visit to Roger and Brenda's garden was my first with LFG, and what a great way to start.

I learnt a lot about Qld fruit trees and their idiosyncrasies. Roger and Brenda have come up with some really creative ideas for dealing with the challenges of gardening in this area. I particularly liked the square wire protection 'cages' that just sit on top of the veggie beds, and the single piping frame for supporting exclusion netting is a brilliant idea. Much better than the complicated and costly setup I was planning to build. Thanks Roger for reminding me of the KISS principle! 

Thanks both of you for putting so much effort into the occasion and for sharing the highs and lows of your garden experiences. I had a great time and look forward to being part of the group in future. 

Lawrie doesn't do computers but he wanted to say that Roger and Brenda's persistence is to be lauded. Despite a variety of issues and constraints, they demonstrate what wonderful productivity can result when one persists. Inspirational!

A single black aluminium folding chair was left at Roger and Brenda's place yesterday morning. If this is yours .. I now have it. Please message me and we can negotiate the easiest way to return it to you. Cheers, Liz



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