Firstly, 100% thanks for letting me join the group.

Basically, I have singled out about a 5m x 5m garden with bird netting for a starter garden. I have about a 11 x 1m additional garden I am hoping to plant fruit trees in once I remove the existing Lillipilles.

I bought a 1000m2 pack of green manure (mung bean + Japanese millet) plus a 1000m2 pack of tillage radishes (difference between 20m2 and 1000m2 is minimal).

I will probably double plant the mung beans + Japanese millet ( should still have additional seeds) to gain additional organic matter and nitrogen.

Let me know if someone is looking for the excess?

Cheers Jono

No cost, I have a plastic bag sealer.

Any idea in regards to organic matter. I have a rototiller that does 350mm to bury it. (Am happy to lend it if you provide transport (about 90kg) you can give it a crack if you want:). Also have an about 90kg jumping jack (soil compactor) for pathways if it helps and you can fit it in your car (got it home in a Hyundai Accent).

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Sounds great, that will grow really well in this weather.

Hey Jono are you on the LFG facebook group and page yet?  YOu are likely to get more response on there.



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