After seeing the latest disturbing pictures posted by "Animals Australia" on Facebook today I urged everyone to STOP BUYING CAGE EGGS.


I now have a friend wanting to know if I know anyone in her area that she can buy some from.  So I thought our group might me the best starting point to find someone.


So is there anyone in or near ORMEAU who usually has an excess of eggs they'd like to sell??


Thank you! :o)

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G'day, Debbie, I live in Crestmead which is too far away but I can provide resource materials for you & your friends to run your own chooks in a very cost effective way & I wish to encourage you that you can. In your area there are predatory problems so your chook run design & enclosure for the night will need some thought. If you are interested as well as your friends I can visit your property& show you all some design ideas that will not cost the earth......tricks of the trade so to speak. Chickens are easier than children. Give me 20 minutes of your time & you can produce $40 worth of eggs per week & spend $18 on a bag of feed for 3-4 weeks. Call me Farmer Ph.38055876. 33Whiteman Street Crestmead. Everything I teach is for free, but you build it............and they will come:)

Thanks for the offer Warren, but I already have my own chook set up.  I don't think my cousin would be interested in setting one up for herself, preferring to buy off someone who has an excess.

If I ever have anyone ask about setting chooks up though, I'll be sure to give them your details. :o)

Peachy Community garden is in Ormeau.  They don't have chooks, but they might know who does.  Also Haley Thorn helps run the garden down there (but lives in Beenleigh)  she has a couple of facebook sharing pages.  Upcycle with style is one, but I can't remeber the name of the other.  I'll ask her

Haley Thorn is a member Haley Thorn and said she might be able to help with chook eggs :)

Awesome, thanks Lyn! :o)



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