G'day gang, in the new year I am contemplating getting a 1200 litre tank to stock jade perch.

I have the tank & fish supplier chosen, but not the best of knowledge on solar powered water pumps/ U.V. filters & aerators. Is there a solar pump etc. that can handle say 20 jade perch & still keep the tank clean?

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Hi Warren, don't know a lot about the solar side but I can tell you what I have. 

Water pump is 26 watt air pump is 18w that is for 100 fish working on 1000 L.

As far as a filter I think the best filter is a grow bed, 20 jade perch is not many.  Probably wouldn't need UV IMO.

You are quite welcome to come and have a look at my setup. 

The pic is of my floating bed great for lettuce pakchoi and leafy greens.

Happy to give you any help I can:)

Hi Nathan,

Aquaponics can be awesome... and can work really well.

We set up our first "trial" which is still going well, using two bath tubs and an old spa. Then we used River pebbles for the growing media (be aware of weight here). We also (luckily) found second hand fish tank filters, took out the filter medium and voila! had some pumps though I would recommend a pump shop to go to to pick their brains... I think there are  a couple on moss street (using black piping instead of clear piping is important as we found out or else lots of algae where you don't want it - in the pipes).

In general there are two types an in water pump and an external pump. I think the in water pump has a basic filter in it usually to take out the larger waste that might occur and you will find that they have a recommended height they can pump up to. The external pump I believe is a little more powerful and will also move more "solid waste". By solid waste I mean fish poo which is not fully solid. Some people I have seen online remove this waste before it goes onto the growing media, and I guess it's a personal choice. 

I think people make it so much harder than it seems... PH for example can easily be adjusted by putting in some egg shells in the water... it will release as much or little as it needs. Food for fish can be easily grown - we use compost worms to feed our crayfish. Of course there are also plans online for fly larvae "factories" that will automatically drop larvae to the fish etc. 

Our system is small, but can give you a great return. Depending of course on how much you want out of it, but I think it's like a garden... you learn by doing a bit at a time. Ultimately if you don't overstock, your fish are happy and your plants will be too.



Great news Simon enjoy your aquaponics.  I find it a great way to grow food.  

There is a guy called Rob on Facebook that has an Aquaponics setup with Jade Perch. He posts regularly on how it's going along with You Tube clips on his builds as well. He also talks about his wicking beds & other things as well. The Facebook page is called Bits Out The Back, Urban Farming. He's a really nice guy & very helpful too.

Hi Marjorie, his site is very good and I have been a subscriber for a few years.  He has so much growing there I can't see where he puts it all.  I would like to totaly re-do my setup now I know some of my mistakes, experience is a good teacher.

Pete, I know what you mean. I like his page alot, very informative & shares his trials & triumphs. I'd like to go & visit there one day just to see it all. He has such a range of different things growing. And yes experience is a great teacher for sure.



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