• Cherry tomatoes (red and yellow)– grow like weeds and productive all through the year.
  • Jap/Kent pumpkins – need a sunny space to climb and sprawl – grow all year
  • Choko (green and white)– need a strong fence to grow up. Eat fruit and branch tips.
  • African horned cucumber
  • Gympie Gold/ Russian Giant cucumber
  • Eggplant - choose the skinny fruit varieties like Lebanese
  • Kadu – (Round New Guinea bean) 


  • Salad mallow - hardy loves the heat, great spinach substitute
  • Non-hearting lettuce – grow in a wicking pot near your back door for easy picking
  • Bok choi – grows prolifically from Feb to November.  Great for stir fries
  • Kale - grows easily from Feb to November. Use as steamed veg or for green smoothies
  • NZ Spinach (Warrigal greens)- perennial hardy ground cover- use as spinach substitute
  • Spring onions – plant a few from the shops.  Continuous harvesting.
  • Rocket – salad green.  Easy to grow and self-seeds readily.
  • Kohl Rabi – In cabbage family.  The swollen stem is the part eaten.  Versatile and hardy
  • Malaysian sweet-leaf
  • Spinach substitutes - NZ, Brazillian, Ceylon, Surinam spinach or Tatsoi
  • Aibika (ibika, bele, vauvau, pele)
  • Kang kong – Asian water spinach


  • Snow peas – prolific and tasty winter veg.  Needs a frame or fence to climb up.
  • Madagascar beans (lima beans) – use as dried bean in casseroles.  Plant lives for many years!
  • Snake beans – Prolific and pest resistant bean for summer
  • Lab lab or poor man's bean - perennial and prolific


  • Mint – grow in a pot to prevent it from taking over the garden
  • Basil –store basil leaves in a bag in the freezer for when the plant dies back. 
  • Parsley -  combine with mint, spring onions and cherry tomatoes for a tabouleh salad

Root veg

  • Sweet potato – Leaves can also be eaten in stir fries.  Wait 4-5 months to harvest tubers
  • Jerusalem artichoke – prolific harvest in autumn/winter.  Tastes like a very tasty potato  
  • Queensland arrowroot – roots eaten like potato and leaves can be used as mulch or fed to chooks
  • Coco yam
  • Cassava
  • Greater yam
  • Turmeric


  • Pepino – prolific ground cover with up-to mango sized fruit.  Tastes like a honey dew melon.
  • Tamarillo (Tree tomato)- fast growing small tree with egg shaped red fruit.
  • Pawpaw – red or yellow varieties
  • Cherry Guava – prolific fruiting several times per year.  Needs fruit fly protection in summer.
  • Star fruit (carambola)- small tree with prolific and tasty fruit.  Needs fruit fly protection.
  • Dragon fruit - need a strong fence or structure for it to grow over.
  • Bananas - buy one of the dwarf varieties (normal fruit just short plant)
  • Mulberry
  • Passionfruit – feed and water it well and it will reward you.
  • Mango
  • Pineapple


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I’d add radish, great fast return to use in salads or sliced with salt and fresh bread in a sandwich. 

Thanks - very informative



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