Cassava when boiled or steamed tastes like white sweet potato.  A little drier than a potato, but quite nice and very easy to grow.  I have found some interesting recipes on the greenharvest site that I am definately going to try Cassava cultivation and recipes

Leave a comment below if you are interested.

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Hi Lynn, I understand this post is  lil old. I assume it would have gone off  by now. When you have  more to give away or for swap, I'm interested :).

Hi Nisari

I still have them growing in a polystyrene container.  You can definitely have some if you want them.    

Hi Lyn,

Cassava sounds interesting.  I have seen them in the Woodridge market; however, never tried it before.  Happy to trade with lemon grass or five spices herbs if you are interested.



Send me a message to organise when you want to come over and get some.  I am at home with kids so weekday or weekend is fine.  I am in Tanah merah.



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