Contribute to make our staff fantastic and encourage our community to grow food together.  LEAF is in one month (5 June) and we would love a diversity of food plants to excite the locals.

Here are some things we would like for our LEAF stall

  • food plant seedlings - anything (other than lettuce, tomato, cabbage, Asian greens, celery)
    • note that we are still looking for more people to pot up seedlings we have already click here
  • food plants - anything - fruit trees, strawberries, herbs, 
  • other planting materials (e.g. rhizomes) 
  • Composting worms (cut a door in the side of a 2 or 3L milk bottle and put the worms inside)
  • Worm juice - 2L milk bottles

Or perhaps you have something else you think will be suitable.  Please write a comment below to let us know what you have.  

Your plants need to get to LEAF in one of 3 ways:

  • deliver them yourself to LEAF by 8am on 5 June (preferred method please) or 
  • arrange to have someone drop them off at LEAF or
  • drop off in advance to Teresa's place 82 Ashton St Kingston.  (If she is not home, leave them in out the front in the wooden fenced garden).

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I can donate worm juice


I will donate a couple of dwarfcitrus say lime/mandarin.

However I am in the moving process, can someone pick them up from Greenbank area?


I am not sure they fit with the food growing theme???

I have paw paw saplings and aloe Vera. Cheers
Am able to help

Here is the address Anne 82 Ashton St Kingston

I have mizuna, chinese green, kale and rocket seedling for this yeat

If you are able to drop off plants to our stall at LEAF by 8am on the day, that is great.  If you can't please arrange to have someone drop them off or drop off in advance to Teresa's place 82 Ashton St Kingston.  If she is not home, leave the in the wooden fenced garden out the front.

If you have seedlings, plants of other things to drop off for LEAF please bring them to LEAF by 8am on Sunday or drop off before Sunday to 82 Ashton St Kingston



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