Welcome to the new format for recording our garden visits and events.  We would love to hear what you thought of this month's garden visit.  So please share your experience by writing a comment below in the comment box.  You can add photos too, either in your comment or in the photo section of Logan Food Gardeners.


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Thank you Jo and Andrew for having us over to your place today.  Thanks so much for organising Eddie to give the talk about bee keeping.  I found his talk very worthwhile, even though I don't intend to keep bees.  I didn't know that bees in beehives are domesticated.  This makes them more productive and docile than wild bees.  Apparently if you keep bees you need to introduce a new queen to the hive each year, otherwise they will breed with the wild bees and become aggressive and less productive.

Despite Jo saying that her garden was not as productive as she thinks it should be, there was plenty to look at and certainly there was plenty of meals that Jo and her family could harvest for dinner.  Actually while we were there we dug out about 5 potatoes and 3 sweet potatoes.

I loved Jo's demonstration of her compost turner that I think I will go and get one tomorrow.  I hate turning composts the usual way!!!

All in all it was a great afternoon in a productive garden with like-minded friends.

Thanks Jo and Lyn for another fantastic garden visit. As usual it was great to see a fellow members garden and it was an educational experience as always. I was impressed with the variety and abundance of produce Jo has available and the garden was looking in great shape. 

The full album can be viewed here: http://www.loganfoodgardeners.org/photo/albums/august-2012-garden-v...

Thanks Jo and Lyn for another great garden visit. As a big fan of Linda Woodrow I was excited to see how someone had put those ideas into practice - and what an inspiring garden it was!  As Jo said herself we're always aware of our own garden's limitations and imperfections, yet that is what a garden is - an ever-changing on-going project. Quite apart from the productivity of Jo's garden, it is a very welcoming, colourful and happy place to be in.



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