Anyone who wants solar but left it too late should check out this site!!

The latest edition of Jimboomba Times carries an ad from a company called MicroSolar/Waterford Solar Trackers.

They are offering to help people who were thinking of getting solar installed but have left it too late and would miss out on the buy back tariff of .44c.

They will put in your Grid Connect Application to Energex/Ergon by the cut off date, even if you are only thinking about having solar installed, but it does not lock you into buying from them.

The company is run by John Harding, he is a local man involved in solar for a very long time, well before it became common place. He's very knowledgable and helpful and from personal experience we know he does the right thing by his customers. He pushed our application through last June so we got in on time to get the higher REC numbers.

It is worth having a look at the website if you wanted solar but thought it was too late.


Sorry there's no copy of the ad, I tried to scan it but my scanning ability is zilch, the end product came out so bad I couldn't even tell if I had scanned the right page.



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We wanted to sign up but unless you have your last quarter bill they can't sign you up. We are about to buy our house in the few weeks but it will be too late for us.



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