Firstly, on Murray Hallam's web-site he will be soon offering on-line training for Aquaponics

Now I am just starting to learn about air-lift pumps. Apparently there is a new type of air lift pump...........can anyone fill me in?

It seems they are so efficient I could run my water from my pond to the plant beds up to 100 feet away with nothing more than a garden hose? Is this true? If it is it would be cheaper for me to set up this system than just run fish alone.

I would appreciate some guidance on this if anyone knows how to set up this system, I would be happy to come to some sought of arrangement.

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Hi Warren. I have got an airlift pump working. It is great for circulating and aerating water in tank. It is not good for lifting water out of tank. The kind of pump you will want is called a pulse or geyser pump. It is quite similar in that it uses a low watt air pump (some qualifications here). However, it can lift  water to a head of 1/3 of depth of water in tank. There are a fee tricks I can share with you. I will be building a geyser pump within a few weeks, as I am turning our pool into a fish pond.

If you want any info on aquaponics - feel free to give me a call. I bought a system from Murray many years ago and I have still got it going today. The draw back was it was very expensive. The trick is to set it up cheaply. Technically it is quite simple to run. I hardly touch my system - feeding fish is about all I do.

You can have a look at my system any time you like

Thankyou heaps Steve..............I will get in contact with you when I am ready.:)



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